When you really want to kick off the summer in the correct way, celebrating Memorial Day on Siesta Key will help you do it up right! Offering days that are long and sunny, activities that are fun and exciting, and all the comforts found in our Rent Siesta Key homes, there is no way your summer can be a letdown when starting it in the most spectacular of ways. And because we know that this special day is for paying homage to our fallen heroes, this guide offers a blend of barbecues and parades, flag waving and flag placement, ensuring that however you want to fill the hours of the most awaited weekend of the year, you will find plenty of ways to do so. Additionally, we are providing a peek into your home life that sweet weekend, giving you something extra to look forward to in the days and weeks that lead up to May 29, 2023!  

Flags for Fallen Vets, Sarasota National Cemetery, 9810 State Road 72, May 27 at 8 AM 

We have to think that the men and women who have sacrificed everything for the freedoms we enjoy every day would appreciate the gesture of placing a flag on their final resting place, and this worthy event will prove to be perhaps the most emotional one of your weekend in paradise. Registration is required at the following link, so don’t wait until the last moment, sign up today and do your part to honor our fallen heroes! 

Red Swimsuits, White Sand, Blue Beach Chairs 

Memorial Day is one of the most patriotic holidays, so dress for the occasion and head to any of the beaches on Siesta Key. It isn’t just hype, the sands here are softer and more beautiful than any beach in the world, having been created from the erosion of Appalachian quartz over thousands of years, and although we seriously doubt that you will be thinking about that, we do think a day at the beach will promise to be the best way to celebrate the holiday. Relax under an umbrella, frolic in the salty waters, and as you dig your toes deeper in the sand, we can promise that there is no place else you would rather be on this special day! 

Memorial Day Parade, May 29th, Downtown Sarasota 

In the good old days, the best holidays began with a parade that led the way through the streets of the towns we lived in, and we in Siesta Key believe that is a tradition that should never end! Our Memorial Day Parade offers a chance to wave the flags you purchased at the local Walgreens or CVS as you watch a cavalcade of patriotically decorated vehicles drive down Main Street in Sarasota! Active-duty military members and veterans of the military will start the parade promptly at 8 AM, followed by first responders, and if you don’t shed a little tear at the beauty of this occasion, can you even call yourself an American?  

Barbecue for the Win 

Of course, the best way to celebrate any summer holiday is with a barbecue, and Stottlemyer’s Barbecue, 19 E Road in Sarasota, is destined to be the tastiest part of your Memorial Day adventures! Truly representing the casual and laidback vibe of Florida, this open-air restaurant offers a tiki bar, live music, and authentic finger licking barbecue that will feed your soul as it fills your belly. It’s a little too soon to say who will be playing on Memorial Day, but it doesn’t matter. Sitting out in the open air (a tiki roof will save you from rain!) digging into a plate of tender ribs while a talented local plays his or heart out from the stage is destined to go down in the record books of your life as one of the best holidays EVER! 

Come Home to Siesta Key 

Every holiday on Siesta Key should begin and end in the comforts of our Rent Siesta Key holiday havens, and when you choose one of our rentals with a pool, we can promise an all-American party that will set the standards for all Memorial Days to come. Skip the salt and sand for a few precious hours of pool and lounge chairs, streaming your favorite music, grilling the fish you caught when angling from the beach earlier in the day, and sipping on frothy tropical beverages created in our fully equipped kitchens and discover the only way you will want to celebrate again! And because we know that choices are important, if you miss out on a home or condo with a pool, many beachside escapes will up the excitement factor of your unforgettable Florida getaway. Reserve your favorite escape. Contact us today!