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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions

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Spending time unwinding, relaxing, and enjoying the beauty and fun waiting for you in Siesta Key promises to be a treat. No matter when you arrive, it’s a vacation destination that promises to have something for everyone in your traveling crew to enjoy. While ticking those must-see destinations off your itinerary is exciting, sprinkling in lesser-known attractions and activities is a good way to round out your getaway experience too. That said, the following are just five of the many under-the-radar Siesta Key attractions that are worth enjoying for yourself the next time you find that a Siesta Key getaway is exactly what you need.

Electric Bike Siesta Key Sunset Tour

When you plan a trip to Siesta Key, it’s highly likely that much of your time will be focused on beach hopping and enjoying the scenery. If you’re the type of traveler that likes to look for unique ways to take it all in, participating in an electric bike Siesta Key sunset tour promise to be a road less traveled experience that’s also a highlight of your experience. The average cost to take part in this tour is around $66 per person for a two-hour excursion. Your electric bike, safety gear, and bottled water are all included in the cost and this tour departs from 1300 Old Stickney Point Road in Sarasota at Christopher Wheeler Park. During your ride, you’ll have a chance to tour past Siesta Key Beach and Siesta Key Village with options to stop and take in the sunset colors as they make their way across the sky. It’s a scenic experience that’s sure to please and ends up right where the tour originally departed.

Siesta Key Kayak Tours

One of the most relaxing ways to make the most of Siesta Key’s captivating waterways is by booking your place on a kayak tour while you’re here. This go-at-your-own-pace approach to sightseeing not only gives you a glimpse of some incredible and perhaps otherwise missed out on ecosystems, but it puts you in touch with amazing marine creatures too! Desoto Kayak Tours specializes in guiding guests through the Siesta Key waters via kayak and provides expert guides who can point out interesting sights along the way. From manatees to amazing plant life just below the waves, a kayak is a truly insightful mode of recreational transportation to enjoy while you’re in the area at these attractions in Siesta Key.


Sometimes, under-the-radar attractions are so easily stumbled upon. Instead, visitors to Siesta Key are asked to take to the skies in order to get a better view on those attractions and landmarks that require a new perspective. That’s where parasailing comes into play. When you’re visiting Siesta Key and can’t wait to capture a new view on your surroundings, booking a trip with Parasail Siesta is a must. This comprehensive ride service is headquartered at 1250 Stickney Point Road and is open daily for excursions between 8:00 am and 6:30 pm. Known for impeccable safety standards and a collection of captains with over 60 years combined experience, you can feel safe and confident knowing your one-of-a-kind parasailing adventure begins and ends with a company that’s earned an amazing reputation.

Siesta Key Farmers Market

Stopping at all of the fan-favorite attractions in Siesta Key is sure to inspire, but there’s something about congregating where locals hang out that makes for an even more memorable stay. When you’re looking to purchase locally handcrafted goods and produce, swing by the Siesta Key Farmers Market on any given Sunday between 8:00 am and noon. Set up at 5104 Ocean Boulevard, The Siesta Key Farmers Market is a must-visit if you’re looking for everything from apparel and home goods to works of art, farm-fresh produce, and even CBD products for sale.

Siesta Key Attractions at Point of Rocks

Siesta Key is an oasis of potential when it comes to beautiful destinations to explore. For those that are passionate about wildlife viewing and are up for seeking out beaches less to do with tanning and more to do with rugged and wonderful coastlines, Point of Rocks is the place for you. This unique stop is filled with one-of-a-kind rock formations where both seabirds and marine life thrive in abundance. It’s a place worthy of bringing out the binoculars for and a destination that includes its own ample stretch of sand to enjoy too. From shelling to great blue heron spotting, Point of Rock is a wonderful destination for the traveler that can’t wait to get close to nature during a visit.

Enjoy Your Siesta Key Getaway

There’s nothing more refreshing than a well-deserved getaway to Siesta Key. The only thing that can elevate the experience further is knowing you’re booked into a rental that keeps you close to the fun and living in style. Reach out to Rent Siesta Key today when you’re looking to make reservations that provide the comfort, convenience, and style you deserve!