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Big Olaf Creamery

Opened in 1982 in Siesta Key by Dennis Yoder, Big Olaf Creamery introduced traditional flavors alongside inventive ones. But his big thing was using the highest quality ingredients he could find, and now Big Olaf Creamery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Their ice creams are hand mixed at a small creamery in Pinecraft, a local Amish neighborhood, and then churned by the local Amish resident craftsmen. One of the most remarkable things about Big Olaf, though, is that their tubs are reusable instead of cardboard, which helps maintain the integrity of the flavors, holds costs down, and keeps their environmental footprint small.

Flavors at Big Olaf Creamery

Big Olaf Creamery Sarasota produces 14% milkfat ice cream, which makes it much creamier than other products. Texture is an integral part of the flavor; this means that Big Olaf’s high fat content helps enhance the already high quality of their flavors. With the ultra-smooth texture of choices like Whitehouse cherry, peach, caramel explosion, apple swirl, captain butterscotch, and white chocolate raspberry, you will think you are in ice cream heaven! Other flavors include salted caramel pretzel, cherry cordial, watermelon Italian ice, sugar-free cappuccino, lemon custard, royal banana crunch, blueberry cheesecake, butter pecan, cookie dough, and the lovely sky-blue cookie monster. They even have good old vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and strawberry! To see all their flavors, check out their website. No one will blame you if you run for the freezer for your home treats after you do!

Your Own Ice Cream Shop

If you ever wanted to have your own ice cream shop, Big Olaf might just approve you for one! Their staff will be at your side as soon as you sign on the dotted line to make sure your Big Olaf Creamery is successful for both of you. Even if you already have an ice cream or candy store, adding Big Olaf ice cream to your lineup will help you become even more successful. It might take a ton of consistent hard work, but seeing happy smile covered in your ice cream is worth it. But if you ever do open a Big Olaf Creamery, you just have to make sure you don’t eat all your own inventory!

Big Olaf Creamery Sarasota is just one of the many great places you can visit during your journey to Siesta Key. Call us today to book your rental and start planning your stay!