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Veterans Day in Siesta Key

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Celebrated annually on the 11th of November, Veterans Day is a special occasion to honor military personnel of the United States for their contribution. The celebration is constant across all states with Florida included. From attending parades to dining with retired soldiers, here’s how to celebrate Veterans Day in Siesta Key.

Attend a Military Parade

The best way to kickstart your Veterans Day adventures in Siesta Key is by attending a military parade. Each year, parades are organized by authorities across the streets to entertain the masses while still honoring the war veterans.

Ideally, these veterans are given the front row for obvious reasons. It is their special day, and they deserve to get the best out of it. It is upon you to ensure those in wheelchairs get to the front row as it is supposed to be.

This event pulls crowds from far and wide. From locals to foreigners, everybody wants to get a glimpse of all the military activities of the day. It is also a good place for you to interact with locals beyond what the military activities of the day have to offer.

Dine with Veterans

Immediately the parade part of the celebration is over, the time is right for you to interact directly with these war veterans. Different non-profit organizations gang up during this day to host dinners for the war veterans. Such dinner events are the closest you will get to these veterans.

Besides those field events, individual restaurants in the area have special menus and discounts dedicated to veterans. Sponsor one or two from out there in the field and be part of their smiles, at least for the day. You may as well wait for them in these restaurants and make your charity contributions from there.

Usually, veterans have interesting accounts of their encounters with the enemy. Their stories are something even your kids will adore. It also gives them the sense that all they did was never in vain.

Dinner also doubles as a food adventure for you. Sample some of the unique menus of the area that go beyond the usual seafood delicacies.

Visit A Military Museum

Veterans Day is all about the military. Take the experience a notch higher by booking a place in any of the military museums in the area. It is in such places where you will understand all the intrigues of World War. These museums are more than just a storage of guns. All other ammunition used during this time is stored here.

A tour of any of the museums in Southern Florida is more of a history class. You will be taken back in time when war had paralyzed the world to its knees. Kids have a lot to learn and a lot of practical lessons from the theoretical approaches taught in school.

Have Fun on the Beach

Although Veterans Day is a military celebration, there is nothing wrong with going off-script a little bit. There is no way you are coming to Florida’s Coast and leaving without exploring its expansive beaches. Being an all-weather holiday destination, you can expect considerable traffic on the beach. However, there is enough space for everyone to explore.
The first part of your adventures in Siesta Key revolves around strolling on the beach. It is a pet-friendly beach where you can bring your dog out for a walk. These gentle strolls also help you to plan accordingly and select areas that are perfect for your family adventure.

Once done surveying the beach area, the time is right for you to explore all the activities that come with it. The most obvious of them all is swimming. It is a family-friendly activity with specific sections for kids to explore. Beyond swimming, Siesta Key is perfect for several other activities including parasailing, kayaking, and snorkeling. It is also the perfect spot for you to ride a wave.

Florida’s South Coast is known for its breathtaking sunset views. To witness the best of this phenomenon, you will need to ride a sunset cruise to the deep sea. It is a joyous adventure to the deep sea that also doubles up as a wildlife-seeing adventure.

Go Shopping This Veterans Day in Siesta Key

The final part of your Siesta Key Veterans Day adventures entails going out shopping. Being an active tourist destination, you can expect to find multiple shopping avenues downtown. In short, Siesta Key is a one-stop shop for everything you would need for your home. Whether it is a piece of jewelry, designer perfume, or a gift card, you have it all.

The beach also gives you free accessories to enhance your home décor. Those seashells on the shore are free of charge but will eventually give your home a priceless look and feel.

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