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Siesta Farmers Market

Florida is undoubtedly one of America’s top holiday destinations. Warm sun for most of the year, coupled with pristine beaches and amazing ocean views make this state a fan-favorite among vacationers. On Florida’s southwest coast, you’ll find the picturesque barrier island of Siesta Key. Eight miles in length, Siesta Key offers holidayers a marvelous array of attractions with one in particular being Siesta Farmers Market.

Sarasota’s Best Farmer’s Market

Siesta Key Farmers Market takes the crown for being the best farmer’s market in Florida’s Sarasota County. With its team of 25 to 30 vendors, the market comes alive on Sunday morning with fresh supplies of fruits, vegetables, and raw foods. Food matters aside, the market offers a wide selection of items, including handmade pottery, home-baked pastries, roasted nuts, Italian bread and olive oil, sandwiches, cheese, granola bars, and lots more.

Siesta Farmers Market Siesta Farmers Market

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Stop By Lloyd Dobson’s Paintings

One thing that you’ll quickly notice while in Siesta Farmers Market are the stunning paintings of Siesta Key. These beautiful works of art are the product of Lloyd Dobson, a local artist who’s been a Siesta Key resident since 2013. His paintings hang in numerous private collections in countries such as the USA, France, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and New Zealand. Today, Lloyd Dobson is a household name in Siesta Key, and you’ll find his paintings at The Hub Baja Grill, with one of the best features of his art being free shipping to customers living inside the USA.

Try Some Tasty Spiked Pickle at the Siesta Farmer’s Market

A trip to Siesta Farmers Market wouldn’t be complete without sampling southwest Florida’s tastiest spiked pickle. Started in 2016, the business offers a list of four products namely, Giardiniera, Traditional Garlic Dill, Spicy Banana Peppers, and Southern Style Okra. They pride themselves on locally sourced produce from Floridian farmers and breweries as much as possible. Their pickling process involves active cultures, polyphenols, and probiotics without preservatives, chemicals, or additives for a natural end product.

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Siesta Key is an excellent holiday destination located in the Gulf of Mexico. This unique barrier island lies just a few miles from Sarasota and offers a nice blend of attractions and vacation rentals. Whether you want to visit with your group of friends, solo, as a family, or with your furry friend, we have vacation rentals that will suit your unique needs. Contact us today to book your Siesta Key vacation rental for your next visit.