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Things You Might Not Know About Siesta Key

A trip to the East Coast is incomplete without an adventure at the iconic Siesta Key. It is a barrier island popular for its quartz sand. The unique appearance of the beach creates a picturesque scene and offers multiple adventures for you to explore. There is more to this beach beyond the usual adventures. Here are the top secrets of Siesta Key you should know.

Eight Miles of Pure Bliss

Siesta Key stretches up to eight miles long. Throughout this distance is a series of beaches, dunes, and restaurants. In short, it is more of a picnic site that stretches beyond the length of a conventional park. The fun here is not limited to specific days. It is an all-year-round fun-filled destination.

Neville Wildlife Preserve

Located at the southern end of Siesta Key, Neville Wildlife Preserve is among the hidden treasures of the island. It is a scenic part of the island popular for boating and kayaking. If you are interested in seeing dolphins, it is the place to be. This preserve is approximately 35 acres in size and makes a good spot for wildlife tours on the East Coast.

Home to Multiple Shipwrecks

Ship wreckage did not start with the Titanic. Almost all parts of the sea including, Siesta Key, have hidden wreckage. The most common in the area is the 1943 collision that saw the spilling of 159 barrels of rum. Today, these wrecks are explored as gorgeous reefs, which form breeding grounds for fish. Interestingly, some of the wreckage can be seen up to date.

An Anglers’ Paradise

Siesta Key is an angler’s paradise. Over 1000 fish species co-exist in this part of the sea. The saturation of fish in the area is down to multiple factors. Siesta Key has the Gulf of Mexico on its doorstep. As fish migrate to these warmer waters, some find their way to Siesta thus explaining the high numbers. The geographical advantage of this island also increases your chances of taking something home for dinner.

Siesta Key Vacation Experience

The Siesta Key vacation experience comes second to none on the larger Florida Coast. There is a reason why thousands of visitors troop to Siesta Key besides the white quartz sand. Your adventure in Siesta Key is not limited to the beach. To experience the fun of the island in its fullness, you will need to spend more time around. Book yourself a luxurious condo as you enjoy the Gulf’s hidden treasures.

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