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Island House Tap and Grill

Florida is famous for many things, not least its food scene. If you’re planning a holiday in this picturesque sun-kissed state, Island House Tap and Grill is the perfect place to grab a meal. Tucked away to the north of Siesta Key Village, Island House Tap and Grill offers a robust list of food and drinks to whet your appetite.

What’s on the Food Menu at Island House Tap and Grill?

Island House Tap and Grill features an expansive food menu with tons of savory delights. There are ten starters to pick from, including Calamari, Crispy Brussels, Fish Dip, Duck Fat Fries, and Island House Fried Pickles among others. If you’d prefer something a bit light on the stomach, you can give their Island House Greens a try and choose from four options, including Island House Cobb Salad, Island House Wedge Salad, Island House Caesar, and Endless Summer. The restaurant also offers eight varieties of Island Bowls and Island House Tacos. If you’re a burger lover, there are ten burger choices on offer, and the best part is you can even build your burger by picking out distinct ingredients. There’s also a kids’ menu for the little ones and several soft drinks to wash everything down.

The Beer and Wine List

If you think the food menu is impressive, wait until you see the beer and wine list. On the beer front, there are several options you can try. The drafts list has 12 varieties, including Orange Vanilla Sunlight Cream Ale, Oberon Ale, Blueberry Cobbler Ale, Mango Cider, Allagash White, and Intercoastal Amber. If you love your India Pale Ales (IPAs), explore their list of five drinks or go for something lighter on the lighter stuff list with eight drink varieties. You can also choose from other options such as ciders, meads, barleys, sours, or dark stouts. On the wine end, choices range from white wines, red wines, bubbles & rose, and three varieties on the Captain’s List.

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