Every year comes with its share of ups and downs, but it’s fair to say that 2020 has left people the world-over longing for a change. The many stresses and worries of the past 12 months have undeniably left fatigue in their wake, often paired with a need to get out of homes and back out into the world in some capacity. With New Year’s just around the corner, it’s highly likely that everyone is looking forward to leaving the past year behind and looking forward with hope to something new. When part of what’s keeping you down is your familiar accommodations, maybe a trip somewhere sunny and welcoming is just what you need to get that new 2021 perspective firmly in place, like a vacation on Siesta Key New Years Eve. When you’re a traveler who can’t wait to explore once again, New Year’s is the time to do it and Siesta Key is the ultimate destination.

An Ideal Siesta Key New Years Eve Getaway

As scenic as it is welcoming, Siesta Key is a beautiful barrier island situated in the Gulf of Mexico that’s within proximity to Sarasota. This alluring locale is loved by travelers from near and far for its chalk-white beaches, emerald waves, and plenty of options for fun. In the year 2021, it will be more important than ever before to find vacation destinations where social distancing can be practiced, but loved ones remain close. There’s no better time to put this travel philosophy into place than over New Year’s this year and while you’re here, consider adding the following fun activities to your itinerary too!

Explore Siesta Key Village

If you’re a traveler that finds their getaway vibe most easily when surrounded by vibrant shops, exciting storefronts, and a variety of savor restaurants, bars, and cafes, then beginning your New Year’s holiday in Siesta Key Village is bound to inspire. Siesta Key Village is brimming over with options for fun but comes with the added benefit of being only a couple of city blocks in total, making it a comprehensive place to explore without being overwhelming. The area is home to just over 100 stores, shops, and points of interest and is known for its dynamic nightlife scene when the sun goes down.

Spend Time at Turtle Beach

The southern end of Siesta Key is home to Turtle Beach—an iconic toes-in-the-sand stop for those that plan on creating a stay that revolves around time under the sun! Turtle Beach is a great choice to add to your New Year’s getaway itinerary when you’re looking to get out on the water as it hosts plenty of convenient boat ramps to use. It’s also a scenic destination where a picnic lunch can be enjoyed with family and friends. Pack up your favorites savory items and settle into a seaside picnic table for a one of a kind fresh-air Florida meal. Much like the name indicates, Turtle Beach is also a fun destination for those with a heart for wildlife. It’s a great place to see sea turtles throughout the year.

Soak Up the Sun at Crescent Beach

If you’re truly dedicated to sunbathing your way through the New Year’s holiday, then Crescent Beach should be on your list of must-visit destinations. This is an ideal locale for those that can’t wait to settle into their lounger and watch the waves roll in with coastal style. Whether you’re headed this way with family or friends, the waters that lap the shoreline of Crescent Beach make for an inviting place to follow up time under the sun with a swim. For those that are more inclined to seek out sensational natural landmarks during their holiday visit, Crescent Beach also works as an access point to the iconic Point of Rocks. This area is made up of one of a kind limestone outcroppings. Collectively, the stones create a natural surrounding for coral reefs and tidal pools that are sure to fascinate. If you happen to be a photographer, this destination is particularly appealing on film!

Book an Adventure with Siesta Key Watersports

When you’re hoping to pick up the pace this New Year’s, partnering with the team at Siesta Key Watersports will help you accomplish exactly that. This premier provider of all things outdoor fun can help visitors book everything from parasailing adventure to waterskiing journeys. For guided experiences, make the most of their dolphin-spotting cruises while renting a jet ski for the day is bound to be a delight as well!

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