Love is the most beautiful feeling of all and your special Valentine deserves a getaway that helps express that love more clearly. Deserving beach days in the middle of the winter, comfy nights filled with snuggles and shared secrets, and adventures of the most romantic kind, you want the world for her and at Valentine’s Day you can gift her with one of the most romantic segments of the world, a stay in Siesta Key! Rent Siesta Key invites you to explore our cozy love nests with this guide to spending Valentine’s Day 2024 on our white sand beaches and in our cozy holiday hideaways!

Breakfast in Bed

Yep, we are going there. The reason traditions hold is because they work and nothing screams romance louder than awakening to your love bringing you all the breakfast treats you enjoy. Our fully equipped kitchens provide a cheerful spot in which to scramble eggs and blend mimosas, but if cooking isn’t your strong point, food delivery services will bring the meals you crave straight to your doorstep!

A Symbol of Forever

Now you might be wondering if your gift of a Siesta Key vacation isn’t enough and that the memories should last forever, and you will be absolutely correct. However, a gift given on the actual holiday is always a nice gesture, making a visit to linkxluxe, 532 S Pineapple Avenue in Sarasota, a truly excellent idea. Specializing in the latest romantic trend, permanent jewelry, the memories of your Valentine’s Day escape to Siesta Key may fade or blur over the years, but the shine on the gold bracelet around her wrist (or his!) will never dull!

Where the Dolphins Play

There is nothing more beautiful than spending a few hours on the clear waters that surround Siesta Key watching friendly and chattering dolphins frolic in the surf and Siesta Dolphin Tours, (941) 926-3131, provide that service amazingly well. Taking you to the best spots on the Gulf where the dolphins are always playing, the dolphin tours provide an incredible naturally romantic experience, especially if you choose one of their sunset cruises, combining fire in the sky with laughter in the sea, while adding a little extra dose of love to your heart!

Making Memories with Photos

The world has come to the realization that professional photos aren’t just for families to document the growth of their children over the years, instead, we are hiring someone who can take the good photos to document all aspects of our lives and the Vintage Pea Photography Company, (941) 961-9654 would love to document this segment of your love story. Using the white sand beaches of Siesta Key as a backdrop, perhaps the only thing more beautiful will be the light shining from your Valentine’s eyes as you stare into them.

Sunset Walks on Siesta Key Beach

The sunset dolphin tour is destined to be a winner, but what if you aren’t willing to share your Valentine with strangers on a cruise? A simple walk along the shore’s edge at sunset will help you keep her to yourself and perhaps provide the perfect moment to pop the forever question. She has walked alongside you for years and you have reached the conclusion that you want to spend forever enjoying adventures like these and as the sun sinks below the horizon, setting the sky alight with its fiery colors, chances are all she will notice is you kneeling before her on bended knee, perhaps encouraging more sunset walks during your stay on Siesta Key.

A Meal to Remember

No Valentine’s Day celebration would be complete without a romantic meal topping off the day and in Siesta Key, that meal must be held at The Cottage. Located at 153 Avenida Messina, the cottage provides a beautiful glimpse into Florida, offering an outdoor patio with trees filled with twinkle lights, the occasional guitarist strumming and singing softly in accompaniment, and a menu filled with seafood-centric dishes, all prepared with a Japanese flair. You don’t need to dress up to enjoy this romantic restaurant and you won’t have to break the bank. The Cottage is a perfect example of the casual and laidback Florida vibe and the meal you enjoy here will be unforgettable.

Fall in Love with Rent Siesta Key

Every moment will be your favorite when you choose one of our romantic condos or cottages to make your home sweet vacation home over Valentine’s Day. Relaxing on balconies or patios overlooking the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the roar of the sea providing a serene accompaniment to your quiet conversations. Sleeping in late every morning, staying up later every night, and filling the in between moments with hand holding, kisses, and the sharing of secrets, hopes, and dreams. Reserve your favorite Valentine’s Day escape today! Contact us today!