After a long winter of snow, ice, and gray skies we are pretty sure you are ready for the unofficial kickoff to summer fun to begin and what better place to enjoy the long weekend than in the area where summer is eternal? Siesta Key is known for its white sand beaches, its Sunday Drum Circles and for being home to our finest Rent Siesta Key summer sanctuaries and this guide to all you can expect from Memorial Day Weekend will ensure you are even more anxious to get the celebration started. Tune out the gray skies in your hometown and tune in to the adventures that are waiting to be explored in the Sunshine State; your memorial day getaway in Siesta Key, Florida will be here before you know it!

It’s Beach Time

Of course one of the first things you are going to want to do is bury your toes in the sand, so grab your gear, including plenty of sunscreen if you want to enjoy the entire weekend pain free, and head to the beaches of Siesta Key. What you do on your beach days is all up to you, but we will tell you the water will be perfect, the sun will be shining, and if rain does drift in, wait a few minutes and it will drift right back out again! The sands on our beaches are whiter than what you may expect, created from pure Appalachian quartz that has eroded over the centuries and found its way to Siesta Key.

A Florida Tradition

If you have spent any time at all in Florida, you may have recognized we move a little slower, we relax a little harder, and dressing up means we put our sparkly flip flops on instead of our well worn rubber ones. We appreciate a cold beer on a hot day, we worship fresh caught grouper sandwiches, and it is a tradition to enjoy both at restaurants and bars that look out over the waters, including Turtle’s Restaurant, located at 8875 Midnight Pass Road. Open every day from 11:30 until 9, patrons can sit out at patio tables overlooking the water, sipping beer (or rum runners, another popular Florida drink) savoring grouper sandwiches, and if lucky, catching glimpses of dolphins, manatees, and even some very friendly green parrots as they do. 

Shopping the Sales

We love a good sale and although traditionally the sales around Memorial Day tend to be for mattresses or appliances, the shops on Siesta Key are destined to have some deals going on that you won’t be able to resist. Beach Bazaar, 5211 Ocean Boulevard offers everything you need for the beach, while also providing a healthy souvenir selection that travelers adore. Foxy Lady, 209 Beach Road, is a ladies’ clothing boutique filled with fun and stylish apparel and on a rainy day? Crossings at Siesta Key, 3501 S Tamiami Trail, is a mall that deserves to be explored in depth.

The Beach Club, 5151 Ocean Boulevard

The nightlife in Sarasota, while not as frenetic as our neighbors to the south of us (Miami) is quite thriving and a night out on the town will fulfill all your hopes if you start and end it at the Beach Club. Offering live music seven nights a week, DJs, themed night, and special events, the music plays until the wee hours of the morning, the dance floor is always hopping, and the views of the sea will ensure that even as you dance the night away, you will still be able to soak in the serenity of the waters that surround Siesta Key, Remember, the pace is slower here and even as you dance, drink, and celebrate the extra day off, stepping back to appreciate the sounds of waves lapping against the deck, the way the stars sparkle brightly in the night sky, or the soft feel of salt air kissing your cheeks will give you the energy to keep the party going on a little longer.

Family Moments That Matter

There will be a lot going on during your Memorial Day Weekend on Siesta Key, but as you enjoy beach moments, shopping sprees, delicious foods, and nights out on the town, it is your traveling companions that will bring you the greatest joy and spending time with them at home in your Rent Siesta Key sanctuary will bring you the moments that matter most. Grilling by the pool, laughing at the antics of giggly tweens splashing and playing in the clear blue waters, playing the music you have loved your whole life—these are what makes Memorial Day memorable, and although you could enjoy them anywhere on Siesta Key, somehow they will be more special because you spent those moments with Rent Siesta Key! Contact us and reserve your favorite escape today.