Summer on Siesta Key is about as close to perfect as can be with, perhaps, just one small fly in the ointment. For anyone who has been here during those carefree months, it is automatically understood that that fly would be the sultry summer temperatures. And although 90 degrees doesn’t sound all that high, when you add in the humidity, you don’t just “glow like a Southern belle,” you will begin to sweat like a professional athlete. Fortunately, Rent Siesta Key always has tips and hints on just about everything and that includes these wonderful ideas on how to beat the heat during your summer getaway to Siesta Key.

The Beach in the Morning

As the day progresses, the mercury rises and sometimes the easiest way to beat the heat is to get to the beach earlier in the day. The coolness of the night lingers, but it will still be warm enough to swim in the turquoise waters, and the sun will be bright enough to help you get the golden tan you seek. Swimming, building sandcastles at water’s edge with the kiddos, even lying under the beach umbrella you have stuck in the sand letting the sea breezes cool your cheeks as the shade drops the temps a little lower. Be sure to stay hydrated, water is your friend in the summertime, and keep reapplying sunscreen because even at this time of the day, the sun can be powerful. 

It’s Movie Time

CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key, located at 3501 S Tamiami Trail Suite 1100 is one of our favorite ways to keep chill because who has ever been hot inside a movie theater? Showing the latest releases, this theater is also one of the participants in Sarasota Film Festival which takes place in April, so although it is too late to sample those shows, a return visit next spring may be another fun way to fill your Siesta Key vacation hours.

Sip & Savor

Staying hydrated is essential in the summertime, but not every drink you imbibe must be water, especially as places like Siesta Key Wine Bar (5138 Ocean Boulevard Suite C) or The Daiquiri Deck Siesta Key Village (5250 Ocean Boulevard) where the laid ack vibe of Florida shines the brightest. Sip the afternoon away while tasting some of the world’s best wines, including many made right here in Florida at the wine bar, letting the air conditioner cool cheeks that will be flushed even more as the wine goes down so much smoother on Siesta Key. At the Daquiri Deck, fresh seafood and tasty cocktails will make you forget that outside the heat is pressing against the windows and walls of the establishment. Savor these moments when summer seems to go on forever and tastes like rum runners and peach wine; before long real life will come back to the forefront and this getaway will be over.

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Siesta Key Rum

We suppose we could have put this in the previous category, but honestly, we felt this title deserved its own paragraph. Siesta Key Rum, located at 2212 Industrial Boulevard, offers free samples of their oh so delicious small batch rums as well as offering tours of their distillery and quite frankly, we can’t imagine a better way to spend a cool afternoon inside when the outside is warmer than you like. Also offering a peak into the history of the area, the Infinity Room is where they serve delicious cocktails made from the rums they create and the bar is from what was Florida’s oldest Tiki Lounge, the Bahi Hut, letting guests enjoy a piece of Florida history as they enjoy sips of the future.

More Peeks into the Past

On the hottest of afternoons, one of our favorite cool adventures brings us a peek into the past. The Crowley Museum & Nature Center, located at 16405 Myakka Road, features 190 acres of farmstead established in 1878. Offering nature trails that are shaded from an abundance of foliage, the museum that is on the property is the only air conditioned space, exhibiting artifacts from pioneer times that never fail to fascinate and if you are traveling with children, they will enjoy the display of old toys. The one room cabin on the property is worth visiting even on the hottest days, offering a fine example of what life would have been like for settlers of the time period.

Chilling and Relaxing with Rent Siesta Key

Maybe you will simply stay inside binge watching movies on state of the art televisions or perhaps you will discover the joys of a late evening swim in community pools. Our summer sanctuaries offer a variety of ways to chill and relax; reserve your favorite Rent Siesta Key escape today! Contact us today!