The joys of a beach vacation on Siesta Key are like a parent’s love; they just keep on giving! Add in the magic of summer where we all feel as if we are 12 again and the days stretch out before us in an endless array of languid adventures and infinite possibilities and top it with a stay in any of our Rent Siesta Key seasonal sanctuaries, and well, you have all the ingredients needed for a vacation dream come true! Spend your days playing at our white sand beaches, shopping at cute boutiques, and eating some of the freshest and sweetest seafood you have ever tasted, and come home every night to havens of peace, comfort, and luxury. And because less is never more during a Florida vacation, we have created this guide to the top summer events in Siesta Key, ensuring that each day will be filled with magic, excitement, and, of course, more fun things to do! 

Siesta Key Community Fireworks, Siesta Beach, 6 PM 

By the time you read this, June will be over, but don’t worry, summer extends into September in Siesta Key, so you will not be shorted! It seems only appropriate, however, that we start the excitement with a celebration of a truly wonderful old dame’s birthday! 4th of July is our favorite summer holiday and the Siesta Key Community Fireworks on Siesta Beach will help make it yours as well. Offering free parking, free beverages, and free snacks, the festivities begin at 6 PM and as you sit on a colorful beach blanket, staring up into the velvety dark sky, waiting for the explosions to begin, we dare you to find a better way to celebrate our nation’s birthday! And in case you think it can’t get more wonderful, on calm nights, the reflections of the fireworks in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico will double your viewing pleasure! 

Siesta Key Drum Circle, Every Sunday at Sundown 

The Siesta Key Drum Circle is an event you can only experience on Siesta Key and the best thing about this unique event is that it happens EVERY Sunday evening, ensuring that as long as your Florida getaway takes place over a weekend, you and your family will be able to participate! The Florida sunset is an event worth celebrating, having been known to stop people in their tracks as they stand their mouths open, eyes wide, marveling at the magical colors that take over the skies and this celebration is one of the results! Starting about an hour before sunset residents and visitors grab their drums and gather together just south of the main pavilion on Siesta Beach. The music plays (you don’t have to be an expert to join in, all that is needed is your enthusiasm and sincere enjoyment of life!) people dance (yep, including you!) and life, for at least an hour, becomes perfect! And when the big golden orb in the sky begins to make its descent into the sea, the magic of Siesta Key becomes something you can touch, taste, and feel!  

Gem & Jewelry Show, August 18th through August 20th in Sarasota 

Sarasota, our neighbor, sister, and friend, offers its own selection of summer events destined to bring extra happiness to your Florida escape, and the Gem & Jewelry Show located at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, is just one small example! How can you not be happy when surrounded by something sparkly and the beauty of the gems, because this event is only $4 if you mention their listing on the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium website, it fits nicely into any vacation budget! We can’t promise you won’t blow the budget when you check out all the gems, beads, and something sparkly found inside, but life is short and this type of souvenir doesn’t add to the weight of your suitcase on your return trip home! 

Labor Day Weekend, September 1 through 4 

There is something bittersweet about Labor Day weekend as we recognize these days as the farewell to summer, even though summer still has a couple of more weeks on the calendar. After this holiday, however, kids are back in school, temperatures begin to lower, and we start thinking about the fall and winter holidays that lie ahead, perhaps wincing over the realization that they will be expensive and exhausting. But for one last long weekend, Rent Siesta Key’s visitors can keep the magic of summer and relax, play, and recharge in preparation for the long months ahead. Sleep late every day, hang out by the pool or on the sugar-white sands of Siesta Beach, and drink rum runners at sunset, toasting the glory in the skies. Your time in Siesta Key on Labor Day weekend, during any weekend, promises to be filled with the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. Reserve your favorite today!