When you find yourself dreaming about a white Christmas, but the thought of the frigid temperatures that accompany make you shiver in dismay, it might be the perfect time to think about spending your next Christmas in Siesta Key. Snow may never fall on our landscape, but we at Rent Siesta Key can promise that the white sand beaches of Siesta Key will bring you and your favorite traveling companions a holiday that will never be forgotten. This guide to the top reasons you should spend Christmas 2023 enjoying warmth, serenity, and a festive cheer that will make you start believing in the magic of Christmas all over again! 

Christmas at the Beach 

It’s only logical that we start with our top attraction, the beautiful white sand beaches on Siesta Key. The stunning white crystals, created from thousands of years of erosion of Appalachian quartz, create a breathtaking contrast to the turquoise waters, and even though the water may be a bit chilly for a swim, why not think about bringing red and green beach towels and chairs, a cooler full of turkey sandwiches topped with cranberry sauce, and a thermos of eggnog for sipping as you celebrate this holiday filled with magic, love, and happiness? The sun will be shining, temperatures will be in the 70s, and colorfully wrapped presents will be waiting to be opened back in your bright and comfortable Rent Siesta Key holiday havens. And although Christmas is on a Monday this year, if you arrive the weekend before you can participate in our Siesta Beach Drum Circle on Christmas eve, which will add a new sparkle to your celebration. 

Seafood instead of Turkey? 

We all have our own ideas on what the ideal Christmas feast should be, some prefer the heartiness of a lasagna dinner, others stay traditional with a turkey, goose, or holiday ham, but in Siesta Key? We crave the sweet seafood, harvested fresh from the sea and our big Christmas dinner may be an outdoor affair, with tables filled with crab, shrimp, or even lobster so fresh and tender you won’t ever be satisfied with the big chain restaurant lobster ever again. A few restaurants may be open on Siesta Key for Christmas, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, spread your net further out and visit restaurants in Sarasota and Bradenton. If going out doesn’t interest you, Morton’s Siesta Market, our local grocery store, is sure to have all the ingredients you will need to make whatever holiday meal your heart desires. 

Holiday Events You Will Love 

Sometimes the fear of missing out on holiday traditions can lead to skipped opportunities, because as much as you want to travel somewhere warm and inviting, you worry that the children will not get to meet Santa, that you won’t be able to enjoy a drive looking at holiday lights, and well, how can you put up a Christmas tree in a home that you don’t own? In this day and age, however, your holiday travels can involve many of your old traditions while introducing you to some new ones you will love just as much! The next few paragraphs will go into detail about just a few of the holiday events taking place here in the area, ensuring that the entire family will enjoy this palm tree and beach days Christmas! 

Boat Parades Early in the Month 

Not all Christmas vacations take place on Christmas, especially as many travelers hate the thought of traveling on the busiest days of the years, but a visit in early December can help prepare everyone for the season that lies ahead. On December 2nd, the Venice Christmas Boat Parade will put a little extra twinkle in your eyes as you watch a parade of boats decorated in their glitteriest lights float by on the intracoastal waterway. Starting at 6 PM, this 3-hour extravaganza will brighten your night and because it is so popular, you might want to start heading towards the town of Venice earlier in the evening. On December 9th, night owls may prefer the 37th Annual Sarasota Christmas Boat Parade, offering much of the same as the Venice one, but taking place from 11 PM until 2 AM.  

Santa’s Flight Academy, November 9 through December 24 

The magic of Christmas often boils down to one very jolly old elf, and if your kiddos are seeking a visit with the bearded man in the red suit, University Town Center’s Santa’s Flight Academy is the direction in which you should turn your car! Featuring a 22-foot sleigh, a most magical snowfall, and pictures with Santa Claus, this experience is one tradition that your kids will outgrow before you do. 

Home for the Holidays with Rent Siesta Key 

Every home we offer promises to be the holiday haven of your dreams. Reserve your favorite and contact us today!