As much of the world is bundling up, putting on snow tires, and shutting the doors and windows to the brutal cold, in Siesta Key we operate at the other end of the spectrum. Winter is when we barbecue by the pool, work on our tans at the beach, and we spend as much time outside as we do inside. In other words, our lives pretty much go on the same as always, and if your winter journey does not look like ours, we at Rent Siesta Key are wondering why not? Your season of snow can turn to sunshine when you choose to spend your winter break on Siesta Key, enjoying the comfort, style, and luxury of our Rent Siesta Key seasonal sanctuaries! This guide to all you can expect from your Siesta Key winter away will help give you that gentle nudge that turns you in a southerly direction, heading right to our front doors!

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Take It Easy

Winter in Siesta Key is the season when the action really starts to rev up, but when you choose one of our Rent Siesta Key vacation escapes, the pace begins to slow down immediately. Walk inside the air conditioned coolness and feel the tensions of job, school, and real life drop from your shoulders like a child tossing his jacket to the ground. Follow the paths of floors created from cool tiles, warm wood, or any combination of the high-end materials, exploring the nooks, crannies, and hideaways that make this vacation rental a comfortable home away from home. Starting with the kitchen, the heart of all homes, you can already envision the joy you will take in creating meals for your family in this space filled with updated appliances, custom cabinets, and a variety of different countertops. Each property we offer is decorated and styled according to the tastes of the homeowners, but the kitchens will all be cheerful, light, and bright and even if you only choose to use the room for reheating leftovers or whipping up batches of mojitos, just having options will bring you joy. The dining rooms, dominated by large tables, are multi-purpose spaces designed to easily fit all the members of your traveling party as you play competitive games of Monopoly, put together puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty, eat, talk, or even check in with the office. Wi-Fi is included with your rental fees, saving precious data and allowing for nearly glitch free Zoom meetings.

Living rooms with comfortable sofas and chairs, and state of the art televisions offer more opportunities to relax and recharge in between adventures in town, and on the beaches that make Siesta Key one of the more desirable keys to visit. From these rooms, you may be distracted by the views visible just outside the windows and arcadia doors making it the perfect time to explore what is out here. Screened-in patios filled with furniture, barbecue grills, and views that will take your breath away ensure that this outdoor space is something you will use quite frequently during your stay in paradise. Private homes may offer private pools and hot tubs, but if you rented one of our condos, do not worry; access to community amenities will give you the opportunity to swim and soak all you want! Fire pits in some properties offer the chance to gather round a roaring fire and enjoy the peace and quiet of another perfect Florida night on the Keys.
Enjoy a firepit on your night out in the keys
Long days spent playing at the beach, checking out museums, or shopping in cute boutiques can tire you out and crawling between the sheets of our cloud soft beds will help sleep come easily, leading to the ultimate luxury, a deep and uninterrupted night’s sleep. Waking each morning and not feeling tired may take some getting used to, but we have a feeling you won’t complain as you discover that you do!

Beach Time

As comfortable and inviting as our Rent Siesta Key properties are, you may be tempted to spend your time in Florida staying in and enjoying all the amenities as well as the peace and laidback vibes each unit offers, but you know there is so much else to do! The first place you might find yourself heading is, of course, the beach. The beaches on Siesta Key and surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful in the world, featuring sugary white sands that frame the edges of the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Spend your days building sandcastles, frolicking in the waves, or learning Stand Up Paddleboarding, kayaking, or even surfing in the swells of the Gulf. Pack a cooler, beach towels, an umbrella or two and leave the real world behind for a few hours every day. The sounds, scents, and overall vibe of beach life settles in your soul and changes your essential being forever, and would you really want to have it any other way? We didn’t think so!

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Golf is a year round activity in sunny Florida, so spend a day or three exploring the courses in the area including Legacy Golf Club in nearby Bradenton. Designed by Arnold Palmer, this course is not intimidating but it does offer a challenge to low handicap golfers, making it fun to play. We are especially excited about this next course, Stoneybrooke Golf & Country Club, which as of June 1st of 2021 is open to the public after long being a membership-only country club! Designed by Arthur Hills and incorporating the natural landscape into its design, this special course brings joy to all who play there. The Serenoa Golf Club in Sarasota has been described as one of the top 100 golf courses in Florida—which means a lot considering there are over 80 courses in the Siesta Key area alone. It is a public course that feels like a private country club. Designed by Mark Alden, the course offers water obstacles on EVERY hole and is a challenging and exciting 18 holes for everyone who chooses to play there.

Something Different This Winter in Siesta Key

The typical Florida vacation generally involves beach time, golf time, shopping, and dining, and yes, we are going to talk a little about all of those activities, but it is time to experience some things you just would not expect from your Siesta Key escape! The circus was a big deal when we were younger (back in the days when we did not understand the harm that was being caused to the poor animals in the shows) and the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus was the biggest of all. Sitting under the big tents, watching acrobats fly through the air, listening to the lions roars, laughing at the antics of the clowns, and wishing the fun never had to end was a big part of our lives. Today, most circuses have closed, but you can still relive a bit of the magic when you stop by the Ringling Museum and explore the home of John and Mabel Ringling (Ca’ d’zan) and the museum of art which specializes in circus-themed art.

Something else we love to do on a warm winter’s day is visit the Mixon Fruit Farms where our state fruit will be ready for purchase! Florida oranges are famous all over the world, and although you can visit anytime of the year, winter is when the fruit is freshly ripened! Offering play places for the children, including the Children’s Magical Maze and the Amazing Play Place, Mixon Farms is more than just an ordinary fruit orchard. Destination weddings are popular experiences on Siesta Key and getting married at the Wedding Pavilion of Mixon Fruit Farms is an unforgettable experience. A wildlife refuge is connected to the farms, allowing guests to get up close and personal with the creatures who make their homes at the refuge, and daily tram tours take visitors on an in-depth tour of the farm. Of course, you can purchase freshly ripened oranges to enjoy in the comfort of your Rent Siesta Key seasonal sanctuary! We recommend visiting the farms at the beginning of your stay, so you can enjoy the fruits of their labors for the duration of your stay!

Siesta Key Shopping

Shopping is one of our favorite things to do on vacation, and Siesta Key and the surrounding towns offer lots of opportunities to exercise your credit card! Bring back something that will remind you of your fabulous Siesta Key winter vacation in Florida with a visit to Sea Pleasures & Treasures, where you will find all kinds of things you never knew you needed until now; the pint-sized Emergency Back-up Flask will make you giggle! The sea is a favorite place of artists and some of the most talented ones have made Siesta Key their home, so be sure to stop in one of the many galleries you will pass by during your shopping expeditions, including the Gallery on Siesta Key. Offering handmade clothing, art pieces for your walls, and some kitschy items guaranteed to make you smile (Who DOESN’T need a crocheted mermaid?), the gallery is tucked away in a collection of shops housed in colorful buildings, guaranteeing a fun time will be had here!
Enjoy shopping on your next Siesta Key vacation
Finally, when you realize that bringing just one swim suit for your fun in the sun was a woeful example of not thinking clearly about how much time you would spend at the beach, a visit to the Beach Bazaar will vamp up your swimwear game. Offering bikinis, tankinis, one pieces, and of course, trunks for the men in your life, they also supply souvenir tees, beach towels, hats, and a cute little selection of souvenirs, understanding that vacationers can never have enough coffee mugs that remind them of their vacation on Siesta Key!

Getting Hungry?

Your Rent Siesta Key winter escape does include a fully equipped kitchen that is fun to cook in and saves you money, but you don’t want to cook every meal, especially knowing all the amazing selections of restaurants that are available to you on Siesta Key and in the surrounding areas. The Blue Dolphin Café is one of our favorite breakfast spots, now offering two locations for easier access—one on Longboat Key and one in the shopping mecca known as St. Armand’s Circle! Pancake lovers will salivate over the thick and fluffy pancakes served here, piled high and stuffed with your favorite fruits, but don’t limit yourself; everything on the menu is delicious! Breakfast is served all day, but their lunch menu is worth trying out as well, featuring wraps, sandwiches, salads, burgers, and hot dogs. This is one of the few restaurants we recommend that does not have a seafood-centric menu, but that is ok. During your time on Siesta Key, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy some of the freshest and sweetest seafood you have ever tasted!

Soak in the tropical vibe of The Cottage, where a fusion of American and Japanese specialties expands your taste horizons, or drop by the Summer House Steak & Seafood restaurant for a surf turf explosion of flavor. The Summer House, located on Siesta Key, is a popular place, so reservations are recommended! Looking for a casual meal and an icy cold beer? The Island Tap House & Grill makes you glad it is not a law that tacos can only be eaten on Tuesdays and as you take part in a taste tour of their menu, you may find yourself coming back again and again, applauding their taco expertise, something you may not have expected from a Siesta Key establishment!

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The Joy of Vacations

Your Siesta Key seasonal sanctuary promises to bring back the joy you used to feel during vacations, offering comfort, style, and a beach lifestyle that speaks to your soul! Contact us to reserve your stay today and discover that winter doesn’t always have to be cold, gray, and depressing—not when you choose Siesta Key and our Rent Siesta Key properties for your seasonal escape!