What’s not to love about a local farmers market, or for that matter, a crafts market or fair? Offering an authentic look into the area in which you are choosing to vacation, these hometown events can help travelers fill their vacation homes pantries with healthy foods mom approves of, provide the most unique gifts for the friends left behind who may be holding down the fort by walking your dog, gathering your mail, and watering your plants, and are also relaxing ways to enjoy a few hours of fun in the sun. For those planning a Siesta Key getaway, we at Rent Siesta Key have provided this ultimate guide to the local farmers and craft markets, most of which we are happy to announce are open year round and will be filled with treasures you may not find in your own hometown ones.

Siesta Key Farmers Market, 5211 Ocean Boulevard, Open Sundays from 9 AM until 2 PM

One of the first thing veteran travelers learn is that eating at restaurants for every meal can take a big bite out of your vacation budget, and when you choose our Rent Siesta Key rentals, you don’t have to. Beautifully appointed kitchens make cooking fun and a stop at the Siesta Key farmers market will ensure that you can fill the refrigerator with fresh produce, local juices, even homemade baked goods. Live music in the form of a local performer is usually playing accompaniment to your wanderings and in addition to gifts and crafts, you may even find some local rums or wines being sold as well.

22nd Annual St. Armands Circle Art & Craft Festival, 1 St. Armands Circle, May 4th & 5th from 10 AM – 5 PM

The shopping at St. Armands Circle is known to be the finest in town and as you can imagine, its Arts & Crafts festival is looked forward to every year. Offering a stunning selection of art masterpieces from most art genres including, painting, pottery, photography, and jewelry, this event is the best way to find unusual gifts for those you love the most, including yourself! Admission is free, enabling travelers to save a few bucks to put towards their favorite creations and when you fall in love with that piece of colored art glass, bringing it home and placing it where you can look at it often will remind you of the wonderful times you had during your unforgettable Siesta Key vacation.

Sarasota Farmers Market, N Lemon Avenue, Saturdays from 7 AM until 1 PM

The proximity of Sarasota to Siesta Key makes it an easy jaunt and a great way to extend your farmers market adventures another day, and the Sarasota Farmers Market is where we are sending you next. Located in downtown Sarasota, cobblestone streets, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and colorful canopies will add charm to your experience. This market offers a great place to pick up some fresh seafood from Maggie’s Seafood, adding another element of yum to your cooking experiences at home with Rent Siesta Key, and because the Sarasota Farmers Market offers over 80 vendors selling amazing wares, you may want to make sure you arrive at 7 on the dot to ensure you get to explore everything.

4th Annual Downtown Sarasota Spring Craft Fair, 1 Central Avenue, June 8th and 9th from 10 Am- 4 PM

This part of Florida is known for attracting the world’s best artists and artisans, many of which will be displaying their masterpieces at this relatively new craft fair that takes place in June. Featuring a mixed selection of a variety of mediums, it will provide the perfect opportunity to pick up some designer soaps, bohemian clothing, even some stunning paintings that will add drama to the wall above your desk in your office back home. This fascinating fair displays an intriguing selection of arts, crafts, and foods, and with prices ranging from $15 to $3000, you will be sure to find something wonderful that easily fits into your vacation budget. Admission is free, so save your money for the cool stuff being sold.

Take a Look Around Your Rent Siesta Key Sanctuary

Chances are when you take a look at the décor that makes your Rent Siesta Key hideaway most appealing, many of the art pieces will have come from these farmers markets and craft fairs, so it should give you an idea of what you can expect. The comfortable furnishings, modern conveniences, and views that will take your breath away, however, will not be found anywhere else on earth, ensuring that this vacation is one that will rise up above all others you have taken. Contact us and reserve your favorite Rent Siesta Key sanctuary today and discover how our homes reflect the heart of Florida!