There once was a time when planning a vacation involved packing the station wagon with sandwiches and pillows for the kids, driving long distances while only stopping for gas, and staying in roadside hotels every night of the drive. Once we arrived at our destination, another hotel, albeit a slightly nicer one, would be our home for the duration of our stay, and the bickering and irritations would commence as families, no matter how big, would cram themselves into one room, sharing beds, floor space, and the single bathroom. Today, times are much more civilized, as we fly more, argue less, and choose comfortable and luxurious vacation condo rentals for our accommodations, but if you are still considering a hotel for your Siesta Key vacation, our Rent Siesta Key guide to all the reasons our rentals are better than hotel rooms will help you see the error in your ways.

The Money You Will Save

Will a Rent Siesta Key condo cost more than a hotel room? The rental fees may or may not be slightly more than a hotel room, but when you realize that just as your parents saved money by packing sandwiches in the cooler and avoiding fast food on those long ago road trips of your youth, you too will be able to save money when you choose a condo over a hotel by utilizing the fully equipped kitchens in the space. Scramble eggs for breakfast most days, make your own sandwiches to place in a cooler to enjoy during your days on the beach, and at dinner, well, there are a LOT of wonderful restaurants to choose from, but no one will judge you for choosing to eat in a couple of nights of your stay. Of course, even as the savings add up, you will want to experience a taste of Siesta Key at least a few times, savoring the fresh seafood that we promise tastes better than any other place on earth!

The Space Your Family Needs

Up until now we have been concentrating on the benefits of condos versus hotel rooms, but we do need to point out that Rent Siesta Key also offers homes with as many as 5 bedrooms, ensuring that even the largest families have the space they need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Homes or condos with rooms for the kids and parents give every traveler a place to retreat when the bickering becomes too intense. We aren’t going to pretend that choosing Rent Siesta Key will stop all arguments; we offer magic in our properties, but we can’t promise the moon. We can, however, ensure that the twins have their own space, that parents can watch the shows they want to watch on a rainy night without having to argue with the kiddos, and we think that is a good compromise.

Do You Really Want to Hear Your Neighbor’s Arguments?

No matter how nice the hotel, the walls between the rooms always seem to be paper thin, ensuring that you can hear the television shows they are watching, that you can’t avoid learning the intimate details of the relationship between your neighbors, and that you jump every time they slam the door. (And if they are traveling with kids, you know how many times that will be!) Even our condos, that yes, provide neighbors beside, above, and sometimes below, offer a barrier between the properties, walls that ward off the sounds of arguments, televisions, and although you may still hear a few slamming doors, (kids will be kids) those doors won’t be slammed in the middle of the night, ensuring that your sleep will be uninterrupted and as restful as you need.

The Style You Deserve

If you have been in one hotel, you have been in them all, at least as far as décor and style is concerned. The furnishings, although colorful and sturdy, are generally bought at hospitality warehouses, designed to withstand the crowds. Our condos and homes, however, offer that sense of style that please all the senses, with artwork often created by local artists, linens that feel soft against skin that may be slightly sunburned, and sofas that envelope guests in comfort, inviting you to sink into their depths and stay longer than you imagined you would. Add in modern conveniences that can include professional quality appliances, state of the art televisions, and of course, high-speed internet that you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy. All of these things may not sound like much one by one, but when you add it up, the answer is clear. Choosing a Rent Siesta Key condo is far better than choosing a hotel. Contact us and reserve your favorite today!