A Florida vacation spent on Siesta Key in one of our Rent Siesta Key vacation escapes promises to be an exciting and most comfortable adventure and even as our properties all offer fully equipped kitchens, chances are you will want to explore the epicurean landscape of the Key and surrounding areas. There are plenty of restaurants to visit during your stay, but perhaps this will be the trip in which you indulge your true food loves, the ones served from the window of a food truck that roams the streets seeking hungry people to feed. No longer a construction site’s dirty little secret, food trucks have become popular for their unique and gourmet food choices and this guide to the top food trucks to try during your Siesta Key vacation is sure to help you satisfy any food craving.

The Porthole Grille

It only makes sense to start our taste tour with a visit to the Porthole Grille, a local food truck serving a seafood-centric menu in the Siesta Key Village area. Their seafood menu offers the standard and the unusual, including tender flame grilled octopus, but they also feature land fare such as burgers, dogs, and chicken. One of our favorite purchases from the Porthole Grille, however, is neither land nor sea but the sweet taste of their chocolate dipped Caribbean key lime pie on a stick, a treat that we recommend to all. 

Sharky’s Snack Shack

Sharky’s on the Pier is a popular restaurant in this area and Sharky’s Snack Shack, a food truck that sells its wares from Siesta Beach is even more so. Offering a little bit of this and a lot of that, their menu is a beautiful blend of seafood, burgers, tacos, and rice bowls, ensuring that everyone will find something that tickles their fancy.

Siesta Pops

When your sweet tooth is demanding to be acknowledged, Siesta Pops is happy to oblige. Providing a dessert menu that includes mini donuts, acai bowls, and the most delicious of hand-crafted gourmet popsicles, Siesta Pops is a local staple at farmers markets and food truck festivals.

Mouthole Barbecue

The smell of smoked meat and spicy barbecue sauce will get your mouth watering before you even catch your first glimpse of this savory food truck, and although it is primarily based in Sarasota, you won’t have to venture far from Siesta Key to enjoy its food. One of the most popular food trucks in the area, Mouthole is known for taking part in events all over Sarasota, including, the celebration of National Food Truck Day that takes place on June 30th.

Baton Roux

As you may have guessed, Baton Roux’s menu comes straight from the bayous of Louisianna, featuring all your Cajun favorites. Jambalaya, gumbo, red beans and rice, and the sweetest of all treats, beignets can be purchased off this roaming food truck, all destined to make your taste buds stand up and cheer. The food truck, based out of Bradenton, also offers a selection of frozen foods that guests can take back to their Siesta Key home sweet vacation home to heat up and enjoy with the greatest of ease.


Another Bradenton based food truck, Willy-Yums puts a brilliant spin on everyone’s favorite handheld, the hotdog. Dining out can be expensive, but this charming food truck offers incredible deals that will make it easy and inexpensive to feed your hungry family. On Tuesdays through Thursday from 3-6 pm they provide what they call Happy Hour Afternoon Delight, a special meal box filled with fries, chicken and a fully loaded hotdog destined to sate the largest of appetites.

Taqueria El Milagro

Our next to the last food truck we want to discuss today is also based out of Bradenton, but without tacos can you really consider that you have lived? Taqueria Milagro roams the area providing authentic breakfasts and lunch for residents and visitors of Bradenton, Sarasota, and of course, Siesta Key. 

Spice Boys Kitchen

Another international delight, this one based out of Sarasota, Spice Boys Kitchen serves the best Israeli food in the state. This Mediterranean food truck offers something called a sabich, a pita stuffed with eggplant, potatoes, egg, tahini, and a pickled mango sauce, this savory treat is destined to become your newest obsession and we hope you can find something equally delicious when you return home to real life!

Enjoy Your Food Truck Meals in Comfort and Style

Although all the trucks will more than likely provide a place to sit and dine, you may be more comfortable bringing your food back to your Siesta Key sanctuary to enjoy in comfort and style. Still want to eat outside? Take your meal to the patio to watch the sun set over the horizon as you devour each and every bite. Reserve your favorite escape and contact us today!