Eternal summer is a dream many people wish they could obtain, and although we at Rent Siesta Key can’t promise you it forever, we can offer the most fantastic way to celebrate the last days of summer with a visit to Siesta Key! Labor Day Weekend, perhaps our favorite of all the summer holidays because it honors how hard we Americans work while encouraging us to do absolutely nothing on that first Monday in September, is destined to be filled with fun, excitement, and all the relaxation you can handle. Siesta Key, home to the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, offers a laidback vibe, a Gulf-centric serenity, and the opportunity to recharge batteries that have been worn down from the chaos and hecticness of real life! This guide to the most beautiful Labor Day activities on the most charming of the Florida Keys will help fill your vacation moments with smiles, laughter, and peace. 

Siesta Key Electric Bike Sunset Tour, Endless Summer Eco Tours and Rentals 

The first thing you will notice about Siesta Key is the white sand beaches that are almost shockingly pure and beautiful, and then you will see your first sunset and all thoughts will be driven from your head! Our sunsets are nothing short of spectacular, (We will have another sunset activity listed for you in a few!) and Endless Summer Eco Tours and Rentals offers a unique tour that celebrates its beauty while saving up your energy, because the bikes you ride are electric and don’t have to be pedaled. Beginning with a safety tutorial and followed by a trip to the beach to watch the fire in the sky, even if you do nothing else your entire vacation, you will be able to consider this getaway a success! 

Siesta Key Farmers Market, Sundays from 8 AM – Noon, 5104 Ocean Boulevard 

Summer and farmers markets go together like peanut butter and jelly, and our Siesta Key Farmers Market will provide the chance to stock you Rent Siesta Key holiday hideaway while shopping for gifts and enjoying another beautiful day in paradise. Offering local produce that is fresh and sweet, homemade baked goods, even tasting opportunities of local rums, this charming market will burrow its way into your heart!  

The Beach Is Waiting 

Offering the ultimate way to relax and play, Siesta Key’s white sand beaches are a key component to its popularity. Spend your day frolicking in the surf, fishing at shore’s edge, kayaking, jet skiing, and paddle boarding in the clear waters, or simply spend every minute of your beach day relaxing on those white sands. Read the latest summer best seller, take a nap under a multicolored umbrella, or just sit and be. When was the last time you stayed completely in the moment? Your Labor Day vacation on Siesta Key gives you the opportunity to do just that. Letting the sounds of the water soothe your soul, smiling at the sight of toddlers chasing sea birds, parent’s building sandcastles with their littles, or off in the distance, a pod of dolphins doing their own frolicking in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Siesta Key Drum Circle, Sunday Evenings 

It’s time to circle back to the most famous sunset in the world, the ones that take place over the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico on Siesta Key. Our drum circle is a year-round event, taking place on Sunday evenings and beginning about an hour before sunset, but it is an event that you will kick yourself for missing! Offering live music, dancing, and a celebration of the beauty of the Florida sunset, this is a traditional activity for us, and may end up being your favorite part of your Siesta Key vacation. 

The Family Barbecue 

Rent Siesta Key offers a variety of vacation sanctuaries, ranging from cozy condos overlooking the Gulf of Mexico to full-sized homes with pools and screened-in lanais located on the mainland of Sarasota, ensuring you will find the one that fits your family best. Plan on taking at least one day of your stay exploring all the amenities of your holiday hideaway, celebrating Labor Day like a true American—at home while feeling your most relaxed! Plan a family pool party in large backyards, streaming your favorite music from your phone, showing the kiddos how to make the biggest splash with a cannonball into the pool, and grilling fresh fish you caught yourself during an earlier fishing expedition. Binge-watch summer movies on state-of-the-art televisions, soak in a tub with soft music playing and a glass of wine in hand, or gather around the family table, playing the board games that have always held an important part in your life! All these moments will be made more enjoyable, simply because you chose Rent Siesta Key for your holiday haven. Reserve your favorite property with us and contact us today!