The sea is never far from sight when you choose a Florida vacation on Siesta Key and even if you don’t rent a home directly on the beach, you will know that you never have far to walk to get to one of the three iconic beaches of our favorite place on earth! Rent Siesta Key’s Blue Haven A, a charming duplex home painted the blue of a sunny day on Siesta Key, is the perfect example, offering a location that is just over the South Bridge. Featuring 2 spacious bedrooms, 1 updated bath, and a laundry area tucked into a niche in the hall allowing travelers to save room in their suitcase for souvenirs, the property provides room for up to 5 guests to coexist in peace and harmony! Today we are going to take you on a whirlwind tour of comfort and beauty in a space that offers decorative reminders that not only are you near the beach, but you are on Florida time now and life is about to slow down in the most marvelous of ways!

A Place of Shelter or Refuge 

If you look up the word haven in the dictionary you will find two definitions, both of which fit this cozy cottage to a tee! A place of shelter or refuge, of course, is the most popular definition, but the second? Well, we love it equally, stating that a haven is an “inlet providing safety for ships or boats!” Obviously, there are no boats within the boundaries of Blue Haven, but the blue hues of the walls (both inside and outside) will remind you of the sea. The décor of sand, sea, and sunshine will bring you the peace you require from your Florida escape!  

Step into a space where engineered hardwood floors remind guests of the driftwood that washes ashore (only much softer against your bare feet, we can promise you that!) leading the way into rooms that are Zen and welcoming. The open concept floor plan provides a triangle of rooms, the dining area, living room, and kitchen, all connected and all offering multiple ways to relax. Take a nap on the sectional sofa that dominates the living room area, while the flat screen television mounted to the wall opposite provides a few hours of mindless entertainment for tired tourists.  

The dining room, anchored by a round table of wood and glass, is where games will be played, meals will be enjoyed, and perhaps on rainy days, puzzles will be built. The fully equipped kitchen, the third leg of this tripod of comfort, is a cheerful space, featuring white subway tile backsplash, white stone counters, and stainless-steel appliances that can be used for cooking, baking, and concocting delicious drinks, or can just be enjoyed for their iconic beauty!  

You are on vacation; do you really want to cook and clean? We didn’t think so, but you have that option if you choose and if not, you will still enjoy the cold beers you grab from the fridge, the hot coffee that will always be brewing, and maybe a donut or two purchased earlier from Meaney’s Mini Donuts & Coffee House, located at 205 Canal Road! 

Take it Outside 

Most of your Florida adventures will be enjoyed on the white sand beaches of Siesta Key, but the quiet moments you experience in the fenced in back yard of Blue Haven A will bring a peace to your soul. A large grassy area gives the kiddos the ideal spot to run off some of their excess energy while parents sit on cushioned patio furniture, reveling in evenings that are just the right amount of cool! A propane grill and a large umbrella provides the ideal place to grill up the fresh fish you caught yourself when the sun is at its warmest. When that sun sets you can continue to sit out here and savor the sounds of the night, especially as your children will have fallen into a deep sleep in the bedrooms located on the other side of the exterior wall!

Sleep Deep 

Your daylight activities are destined to help lull you into a state of exhaustion especially when your days are spent at the beach and the quiet peace found in our bedrooms will encourage a quicker and deeper journey into slumber! An air mattress is provided so as to give an extra guest a place to sleep, and the two bedrooms are furnished with a king and a queen bed that are plush, soft, and topped with the silkiest of linens, ensuring that every night will offer the best night’s sleep! The bathroom is large and updated and located within easy reach of both bedrooms almost making it feel as if you both are enjoying an ensuite bath! 

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