As you start planning your fabulous winter vacation on Siesta Key you may start feeling a little guilty about those you are leaving behind but then you run across our Rent Siesta Key Shell House Compound and it becomes perfectly clear. With room for up to 12 travelers you don’t have to leave them behind; invite them all and enjoy a family/friend vacation on the white sand beaches of Siesta Key that will never be forgotten! If you still need a little convincing, keep reading; this guide will bring you all the reasons for a more the merrier getaway. 

The Matriarch Deserves This 

As you might have guessed from the use of the word compound, this exciting sanctuary offers not just one but two roofs under which guests can enjoy their most comfortable adventures. Offering the main house with 3 tranquil bedrooms and an unheard of 4 spacious baths, the compound also provides a second fully equipped apartment with 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and a kitchen that makes Shell House Casa, the perfect retreat for travelers needing their own space.  

The matriarch of your family has sacrificed so much for everyone, isn’t it time to show her a little appreciation with a stay in Shell House Casa? She can hang with the family, fawn over the grandkids, take part in the Florida adventures that make life better and when the world gets too people-y, she can retreat to the peace and serenity of this cozy space.  

Offering a balcony that runs the length of the apartment outside comfort and color reigns supreme in the casa. Mama can make a quiet meal in the kitchen offering stone countertops and modern appliances in stainless steel, enjoy that meal at the separate dining room, and relax on the comfy sofa that doubles as a bed located in front of a state-of-the-art television, before heading off to sleep on the king bed that overlooks the balcony.  

The Main Escape 

Shell house lies just minutes away from the white sand beaches of Siesta Key and as you first approach it in all its turquoise glory, you won’t be able to miss the mural painted on the wall that surrounds the compound. Serving as a gentle reminder of all you will be enjoying during your stay, it is a perfect rendition of the beach that will steal your heart, right down to the palm trees and turquoise waters.  

Inside, the main building offers that sea serenity, with creamy walls, shiplap ceilings painted white and crossed with sturdy beams and an open-concept floor plan that allows guests to stay connected as they do their own thing. A fireplace in the living room adds romance and warmth to the space on a chilly night while the circular rattan sectional topped with colorful cushions reminds guests that yes, they have arrived in Florida. Comfort is key with Rent Siesta Key and bedrooms with built-in bookshelves, state-of-the-art televisions, and premium beds topped with high thread count linens show all the ways we work to make guests feel comfortable and at ease. 

Modern Conveniences 

We’ve come a long way since the days of cramming family members into a single hotel room with one bath, a coffee maker, and a television featuring a remote chained to the nightstand. Travelers demand space, privacy, and all the modern conveniences that make life easier and Shell house definitely complies with those demands. Its gourmet kitchen with stone countertops and high-end appliances helps take the sting out of doing cooking chores, enabling guests to stay well-fed without having to pay restaurant prices for every meal. Televisions are flat screened with free roaming remotes and the washer and dryer will do their job with style and grace. Because working from home doesn’t have to mean working from YOUR home, high speed internet will ensure that virtual meetings go off without a glitch and also helps to save data when uploading all your beach pics to your favorite social media website. 

The Fun Continues 

The muraled wall that surrounds Shell House compound hides a secret from the world that may end up being your favorite place to play as the backyard is anchored by a crystal clear pool, lounge chairs, and curtained cabanas that will make guests feel as if they are at a luxury hotel. A shell cleaning station off to the side of the house enables guests to bring home souvenirs that are clean and sand free and multiple tables surrounded by cushioned chairs provide the perfect places to enjoy a barbecue meal, grilled on the gas grill tucked away in a corner of the yard. 

Reserve Shell House Compound Today 

Your bachelorette weekend, family reunion, guys getaway, or destination weekend deserves a stay in this charming compound! Contact us today!